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April 8-10, 2025

Anhembi District - São Paulo-SP, Brazil

Ideal for all supermarkets in Brazil.

Ideal for your product.

Every year, Expo Supermercados welcomes supermarkets and suppliers to share good ideas with innovative tips that help create solutions to increase profitability.


  • 4th National Congress for Neighborhood Supermarkets

  • 3rd First Butcher Shop

  • Technical Visits to Supermarkets

  • Model Supermarket

Anuga Brazil and Expo Supermarkets

Expo Supermercados presents the Exhibition in a Model Supermarket to the supermarket public.

An inspiring sensory experience developed especially for the supermarket segment.

Supermercado Modelo presents the most innovative and effective technologies, services and solutions to differentiate supermarket businesses and make them more profitable and competitive.

Give your brand visibility in an unconventional way!

Expo Supermercados in strategic partnership with Anuga will have an exhibition in a Model Supermarket, Technical Visits to Supermarkets, National Congress for Neighborhood Supermarkets and a First Butcher Workshop .

Anuga is the largest fair in the world in the Food and Beverage sector and on April 9th to 11th, 2024 it will be held in the completely remodeled Anhembi District!

Join us at Expo Supermercados!

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ExpoTimes are videos with content relevant to the retail sector. Interviewees share good ideas with innovative tips, helping to create solutions for the supermarket sector.

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