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Images - 2024

Expo Supermercados 2024 at Anuga Brazil concluded successfully!

News, trends and lots of content were available to visitors in a simple and practical way.

Our partners were fundamental in the deliveries made! Special thanks to our sponsors: Ambev , Americanas , (re)energisa and Usefrio Refrigeração .

Thank you very much Anuga Brazil for the partnership. With your support, another great event was delivered!

Thank you very much to everyone for believing in and supporting our work!

2023- Photos Expo Supermarkets

Expo Supermercados 2023 in São Paulo

Expo Times with Zenon Leite Neto from Urano Balanças , one of the largest manufacturers of electronic scales in the country.

Urano is considered an innovative and pioneering company in many segments.