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Every year, Expo Supermercados welcomes supermarkets and suppliers to share good ideas with innovative tips that help create solutions to increase profitability.

Business Fair in a Supermarket Model of Expo Supermercados

The variety of topics with industry experts and colleagues will help you develop the resources, tools and skills needed to deal with market challenges. Created with the aim of serving local and neighborhood retailers, since 1995 Expo Supermercados has provided: Business, Experiences and Innovations.


Supermarket Model of Expo Supermercados at Anufood Brazil 2022 powered by Anuga at São Paulo Expo in São Paulo-SP, Brazil.

Polese Expo Supermercados.jpeg

Clóvis Polese - General Director, Franciele Marchioretto - Director of Operations and New Businesses and Fabiano Polese - Administrative and Marketing Director.

Expo Supermercados em 2024

Expo Supermarkets in 2023


CTDE - Training and Business Development Center

Founded on March 7, 1995. Serving supermarkets and their suppliers throughout Brazil

CTDE is a company specialized in lectures, courses, assembly and renovation of supermarkets, organization and execution of Expo Supermercados - Business Fair with the exhibition of products and equipment in a Model Supermarket, unprecedented in Brazil, with 102 editions (95 in person and 7 online ) already carried out since 1995.

Expo Supermarkets in 2022

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