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How a strategic store layout can boost sales in your supermarket

By Clóvis Polese, director of Expo Supermercados and CTDE - Training Center for Supermarkets

In the competitive world of Brazilian supermarkets, the arrangement of products within a supermarket can make all the difference between an efficient and pleasant shopping experience or a confusing and frustrating one. It is in this context that Expo Supermercados, led by director Clóvis Polese, stands out, offering valuable insights into supermarket design through its technical visits. In the shared video, Clóvis Polese guides us through an in-depth analysis of the layout of a supermarket. From the strategic layout of aisles to the intelligent choice of points of sale, each aspect is thoroughly examined to understand how to optimize space and improve the customer experience.

One of the main areas of focus is the customer journey through the supermarket. Polese highlights the importance of a logical product arrangement, ensuring that high-demand items are strategically positioned to facilitate access and encourage additional purchases. Furthermore, it highlights the relevance of clear and intuitive signage, guiding customers through the space without causing confusion. Another crucial point addressed is product display. Polese highlights the need to create highlights for products being promoted or launched, using creative displays and adequate lighting to attract customers' attention. At the same time, he emphasizes the importance of regular stock rotation to maintain product variety and freshness.

Additionally, Polese discusses the importance of flexibility in supermarket layout, adapting to market trends and changing customer preferences. This includes the ability to quickly rearrange space to promote new product categories or respond to seasonal demands.

The video presented by Clóvis Polese at Expo Supermercados offers valuable insight into effective supermarket design. With her expertise and experience, Polese illuminates the fundamental principles behind a successful layout, highlighting the importance of a strategic, customer-centric approach to creating an exceptional shopping experience.

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