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Technologies for efficient management of physical store expansion with Silvana Crespo

Unique opportunity to connect with professionals who are a reference in rapid expansion works in the country. Participate, on May 16, 2024, in the 11th edition of 2024 of Retail Expansion by Construct IN!

In her talk, Silvana Crespo, CEO at Pipeline Gestão de Obras e Projetos, will address the use of technology to transform the management of expansion of physical stores. She will discuss the complexities of efficient planning and control, the relevance of a careful selection of suppliers for cost, deadline and quality. Furthermore, with experience in Infrastructure Area Management, he will highlight the importance of understanding the strategic purpose of the brand and how this influences the choice of location, planning and control of the schedule, as well as Capex management and projections.

Gain access to an environment with valuable connections, gain insights from the main market players and learn about technological trends and innovation for the construction sector. Strengthen strategic partnerships and share knowledge! Join this collaborative network that seeks to drive efficiency, innovation, Capex reduction and excellence in the engineering, maintenance and expansion sectors of retail and service companies. Spaces for the event are limited and registration is free - CLICK HERE TO REGISTRATION

Silvana Crespo - CEO na Pipeline Gerenciamento de Obras e Projetos
Silvana Crespo - CEO na Pipeline Gerenciamento de Obras e Projetos


With 21 years of experience in coordinating architectural and construction projects, Silvana Crespo has worked on several physical store expansion projects in different segments, such as banking, telecommunications and food retail. Among the companies that worked on the expansion are Hortifruti, Planep Engenharia, responsible for civil works at Caixa Econômica Federal, and TIM. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Faculdades Integradas Geraldo di Biasi with an MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Management from PUCRS, Silvana seeks to incorporate technology and specific tools into her work to improve the execution of her projects. Among its main concerns is the transformation of strategic challenges into sustainable growth opportunities, process optimization and efficient Capex management.

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Site da Pipeline - A Expansão da sua Marca com Planejamento e Controle:



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