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Zaffari Group Cestto Wholesale in Porto Alegre

Atacarejo Cestto do Grupo Zaffari
Atacarejo Cestto do Grupo Zaffari

Zaffari Group's first Cestto wholesale store in Porto Alegre will be opened on Mother's Day, May 12th. The store is located in the Tristeza neighborhood, in the South Zone, and will have a reinforced structure to support a large flow of products and customers. The work is in its final phase and hiring employees is already underway.

The Zaffari Group has plans to expand the Cestto brand in Porto Alegre, with the opening of another unit in the East Zone by the end of 2024. The company also plans to open stores in Canoas, Novo Hamburgo and São Paulo. Zaffari currently operates a Cestto in Gravataí, opening in April 2023. See how to get to Cestto Zaffari in Porto Alegre: Construction of the store took longer than usual due to the need for a reinforced foundation. Other Cestto brand stores are built with prefabricated structures and are ready in around six months.



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